VULTURE CLUB is produced in association with MaraKesh Films, the production company spearheaded by writer-director-producer Maryam Keshavarz and frequent collaborators writers Paolo Marinou-Blanco and Jonathan Mastro. MaraKesh Films is in development on several projects including THE DISSENT a political thriller exposing the intrusion of the FBI into the judicial system, based on the award winning HBO doc Hot Coffee, PERSIAN VERSION a comedy about an Iranian-American girl growing up with seven brothers and one bathroom in NYC, THE LAST HAREM exploring the love affair of a cross dressing musician and a newly appointed boy-king in 19th century Persia, SHANKARS a mother-daughter musical drama about contemporary musician Gingger Shankar and her mother who toured with The Beatles, and 2030, a series developed with Road Side Attractions, a near-future dystopian thriller about a young Muslim woman trying to survive in America after a right wing take over, and being forced to join the resistance.